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IONSLAB LABORATORY SYSTEMS AND ENGINEERING INC., offers innovative analytical and scientific solutions from basic to advanced for surface science, surface characterization and coating systems, nanotechnology, advanced imaging and spectroscopy systems sales, technical support, training and applications, for research and application laboratories.

IONSLAB also offers turnkey projects with his partners by providing project management and consultancy services. Our company operates in many different fields such as materials, chemistry, industrial production, education and life science.


Surface Characterization and Deposition

a professional approach

We provide high-end systems for surface analysis and surface coating studies such as spectroscopy, microscopy, preparation, deposition & integration, which we have created as a result of a professional approach and work that can be suitable for academic research and industrial sectors.

Surface Treatment and Microscopy

measurement and displaying of features

We offer the necessary systems to improve the surface properties of a material or element, metallurgically, mechanically, chemically, physically, magnetically and electrically or by adding a coating, and for measuring and imaging these properties in order to obtain the desired properties for the material and improve the functionality of the existing product.

UHV and HV System Design

without moving to the atmospheric environment

We design the systems and components for advanced material research techniques and we also offer the integration that can complete your applications under UHV conditions without moving them to the atmospheric environment.

Quantum Transport Measurements

basic information and measurement infrastructure

We are developing the basic information and measurement infrastructure that will facilitate the use of solid-state systems with quantum properties emerging in future electronics and quantum information science applications.

Sample Analysis and Reporting

accurate information, fast arge

We provide analysis and reporting services by working in depth on your applications. In this way, we contribute the determination of the system, application and preparation processes that you need.

Spare Parts and Consumables

fast and cost-effective servic

We offer fast and cost-effective solutions for the supply of spare parts and consumables for SEM, TEM, FIB, MBE, PLD, XPS, AES, SIMS, AFM systems.

Training and Application

The users get the training about operating the system, making analysis, software, and so on during the installation. In addition, the problems and their solutions that may arise, the routine tests and applications that need to be done are explained during this training. Installation training is reinforced by practicing and making the experiments with the users against to be sure the analysis results and getting the experience that can be worked with the system themselves.

Project Management and Consulting

IONSLAB provides services such as design, production and application for special projects in addition to consultancy services to realize the project by specifying the laboratory systems, equipments, chemicals, analysis methods including all required quality management systems and finally continues the support to carry out the constituted system efficiently.

IONSLAB offers a professional service by undertaking the provision of all details from the beginning to the end of the project. Also, the most accurate system / configuration guidance and procurement that can exactly match your studies in the fields of scientific, R&D, production, application, etc. is one of the most important services of IONSLAB.



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